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You Must Believe in Spring (Michel Legrand)
WITH Jonathan Lefcoski, piano
From Faculty Jazz Recital, 2008, with one of my all-time favorite pianists
Also featuring Steve Haines, Bass, and Rick Dior, Drums

You Stepped Out of a Dream (Nacio Herb Brown and Gus Kahn)
WITH Bruce Forman, Guitar
From a special concert with Bruce, 2002
Also with Steve Haines, bass, and Rick Dior, Drums

Wow (Lennie Tristano)
WITH Keith Waters
From campus recital, 2003
Also with Steve Haines, Bass
Keith is one of my oldest and dearest friends, going back over 30 years

Bees That Bop (Ron Rudkin)
From 1992 CD studio recording “Bright Skies” (below)


Bright Skies (Ron Rudkin)
From 1992 CD studio recording “Bright Skies” (below)

Concerto for Clarinet and Jazz Combo (Bill Smith) – 3rd Movement
In concert with NCSA Jazz Ensemble, 2002
Conducted by John R. Beck

*CD Bright Skies


Ron Rudkin, Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet

Bob Hallahan, Piano

Paul Langosch, Bass

John Hanks, Drums

Jim Brock, Percussion



  1. Like Someone in Love (Jimmy Van Huesen)
  2. Centricity (Ron Rudkin)
  3. Quiet Breeze (Ron Rudkin)
  4. Bees that Bop (Ron Rudkin)
  5. Wow (Lennie Tristano)
  6. Danza Volante (Ron Rudkin)
  7. Bright Skies (Ron Rudkin)
  8. Body and Soul (Green/Sour/Heyman)
  9. Falling Grace (Steve Swallow)